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Italian food is in my heart and soul

Chef Bobby


Pumpkin Pie Stuffed Crust Pizza!!!
Try our beloved pizza, backed to perfection with a Fall twist:

We stuffed our crust with a special pumpkin pie filling, that bakes along side the pizza, the crust is then brushed with melted butter and topped with cinnamon and sugar which turns the pizza edges to a pie of its own

You have got to try this for yourselves!!

Unlike a Pumpkin Pie, you usually buy pre baked, our #PumpkinPieStuffedCrustPizza is baked with the pumpkin filling which provides and warm and creamy result with every bite!!!


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Founder Bobby wanted to create the perfect atmosphere to go along with the classic yet modern Italian menu he’s crafted for Brazzi, A place where people can have some amazing food and enjoy a warm decor

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